Client Spotlight: Ronald McDonald House Charities UK


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​Altum Consulting are running a series putting our clients in the spotlight. First up is Ronald McDonald House Charities!

Robert Anderson spoke to Isabel Dart, Director of Finance and Technology to learn about the charity, their finance function and how Altum has played a role in supporting the development of her team.

About Ronald McDonald House Charities UK:

Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, supports families with children in hospital by easing some of the burden by providing free ‘home away from home’ accommodation.

The best medical care for a child isn’t always close to home, and families often find themselves travelling long distances to be with their child in hospital.

Their 11 Houses across the UK provide families a warm and comfortable place to rest, eat and relax, just moments away from their child’s hospital ward. Ronald McDonald House Charities support is invaluable to families at a critical time in their lives.

About Ronald McDonald House Charities Finance Function:

The Finance team has grown immeasurably over the last 5 years. The Charity relied heavily on support from McDonald’s to fulfil much of the Finance function, with the exception of bookkeeping. However, through building a strong team over the years we now also fulfil; the accounts receivable function, business partnering, servicing the Charity with all their internal financial reporting needs, statutory reporting and audit work, treasury, budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, this year will see RMHC transition to a new finance system where the accounts payable function will also be under our responsibility.

Throughout the change, we have relied heavily on our Finance Team to engage with all the key stakeholders to take them on the journey with us. For instance, we wanted to ensure they would use the new reporting available to them, and not revert to old ways and several sources of truth. The team were and are crucial to this, and so hiring the right person to enable this transformation has been key.

Altum Consulting and RMHC

Our charity team at Altum Consulting have been working with Isabel and Ronald McDonald House Charities for nearly three years to help source outstanding candidates to join their team. Over this time, we have developed a strong relationship with Isabel and her team.

We even managed to get our Altum colleagues to spend half a day volunteering at one of the 11 houses to help decorate and learn in greater detail the support and comfort they provide to families. It was great to have to have their support in turn when we hosted our own charity quiz night with Ronald McDonald House Charities taking a whole table!

We are really proud of the relationship we have developed over the years and as well as enjoying collaborating with them, we have enhanced their finance team with 9 successful placements, including:

  • Finance Systems Transformation Lead

  • Management Accountant

  • Database Officer

  • Bookkeeper


Client Testimonial: Isabel Dart, Director of Finance and Technology

Working with Robbie and the Altum team over the years has been a joy! Robbie is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and a breath of fresh air from talking to other recruiters.

Together we have worked on both financial roles and strategy setting for new teams and then recruiting the necessary candidates. My primary function was Finance, and later I also had the responsibility of Data. With Robbie and the Altum team’s help we established a very successful department that are helping drive the Charity forward. This showed to me the versatility of Altum, their willingness to explore new areas, but more importantly the strength of the relationship we had established between RMHC and Altum.

One of the reasons I keep using Altum is the personal advice and help they offer. Throughout the process, I will always have a discussion with Robbie or the team about the potential candidates and any concerns. I feel fully engaged throughout, and am confident their shortlisting will meet my requirements. I appreciate the time they spend with the candidates too, to help ensure a good match is found from both sides.

It is rare to find recruiters that have a great Charity background and share that Charity ethos too. It certainly helps knowing they understand how a Charity works, what the needs are and then also support so many Charities too. It’s a refreshing change and makes the challenge of a new hire with in the Charity world so much easier