During a time of ongoing uncertainty, can interim professionals provide the solution?

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The escalating impact of Covid-19 across the UK and the increasing government restrictions to tackle the crisis, have resulted in one of the greatest challenges to our economy in modern times.

The ongoing uncertainty has brought a need for many businesses to be increasingly agile and adaptable to change. Through our network we have learnt that companies are facing new challenges – some are struggling with cash flow and managing their cost base, others are seeing unusual spikes in demand. In both scenarios, many finance functions are requiring boots on the ground to deliver and manage the specific set of challenges they are facing. Our clients need short-term solutions which they may not have required a few weeks ago.

The interim market provides an ideal solution to acquiring expertise quickly. Businesses can tap into an experienced talent-pool of professionals with experience of being thrown in at the deep end and adapting quickly to changing circumstances.  Interim resource can help support business through sustained periods of uncertainty, and for the client they offer a mechanism to onboard experience quickly, with no long-term financial commitment. Due to the temporary nature of their roles, interim professionals can impact change and help implement and deliver business strategy rapidly. This is vital for those firms either in crisis or those overstretched from demand, as it is uncertain how long the current restrictions will be in place and how long we will be seeing the effects once they begin to be lifted.

In recognition of the crucial role the interim workforce will play over the coming months, the government has also delayed the IR35 reforms which were due to be implemented in April 2020 until 2021.

It is during times of uncertainty and rapid change, that the interim professional comes into their own.

Altum Consulting has an extensive network of interim professionals from newly qualified accountants through to Director level senior finance professionals, ready and available to support your business needs.