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Robber Anderson

Robbie Anderson is Manager of our Charity Finance team, established in 2017. We spoke to Robbie about his work, his team, and what it’s really like to work at Altum Consulting.  

What is your role at Altum?

As Manager of the Charity Finance team, I’m responsible for devising our strategy. My work at Altum Consulting involves setting the agenda, budget and targets for myself and my two colleagues, motivating us all to reach those goals and discovering areas of possible growth.

Tell me about what your average day might involve.

I tend to arrive at the office around 8am and spend the first 20 minutes planning my own work for the day. It might involve shortlisting for a client’s role, so I’ll be calling candidates about the position. I’ll need to get CVs together for my clients and arrange any meetings I need to have with them.

The rest of the team arrives at 8.30 and we get our heads together about how we can move things along for the candidates and clients we’re working with. We’ll plan as a team and track how we’re doing against the goals we have.

For the remainder of the morning, I’ll be speaking to candidates about the roles they’re applying for, or calling new potential candidates because we’d like to work with them.

Lunch is generally spent meeting people, perhaps a candidate we’ve helped place or taking a client out.

I spend the afternoon generating new business, and towards the end of the day I tie up our admin. It’s generally later that candidates prefer to meet or speak on the phone - after they’ve finished work.

What attracted you to work at Altum Consulting?

Before I came to work at Altum Consulting, I was with another big recruiter and had been there for five years doing a similar role. I knew that I didn’t want to work for a big company anymore. Being so removed from the senior leadership team wasn’t for me - I felt a lack of ownership for our direction, even as a manager. I had a vision for where I thought the team could go and didn’t feel I’d be given the tools or space to achieve it.

I knew someone at Altum Consulting and was aware of other talented recruiters who had moved here. When I met with co-founder David, we really got on - we didn’t so much have an interview as a series of discussions about what I could do with the Charity Finance team. It brought me to life, I felt excited about what we could achieve.

What I like most about Altum Consulting is the people. With some larger firms, you lose the friendliness. Here, I feel really welcome, and everyone really cares about the charity sector. The fundraising that we do, in particular, the Altumate Challenge and Altumate Experiences, are brilliant, and the causes that Altum supports are really close to my heart.

Also, it might seem like a small thing, but I love that the dress code here is to fit with your client. Previously, I had to wear a suit every day, and I often felt overdressed meeting some charity clients. Now I can dress for the people I’m meeting and it’s much more comfortable for everyone.

What’s kept you?

It’s been everything I hoped it would be, and more. My team has grown quicker than I expected after we exceeded our goals last year. When I’ve had an idea, I’ve been able to take it to the partners and they’ve supported me to go ahead. I’m trusted to do my job without being micromanaged, but I have the support I need, when I need it.

The fundraising we do has also been a big draw. I would far rather do a charity bike ride from Amsterdam to London with my colleagues and raise money for a great cause than go on a holiday to Marbella - it’s just not me.

How would you describe the culture at Altum Consulting?

It’s a very friendly and welcoming bunch of people. There’s a lot of knowledge and experience here, and everyone is always willing to share it. People want to be here, which is nice! As a result, the whole team is doing everything they can to make it a success.

What sort of person would do well here?

We’re looking for reliable, honest and genuine people to work at Altum Consulting. Someone who doesn’t cut corners to make a quick buck but wants to build something for the long term. For my team, we want people who actually care about the charity sector. Our candidates have chosen to go into that sector, often switching from commerce at the expense of their salary, because they want to contribute to a cause they can get behind. If you’re not genuine in your dealings with them, they will see straight through that.

What would you say are the top three things about working here?

  1. My colleagues - we’re a great team here and people really do care
  2. The management - in other companies, the management team sometimes has less recruitment experience than the people working for them. Here, we’re lucky to have some great experience among our leadership
  3. Trust - being trusted to get on with what you do best is absolutely what makes Altum Consulting stand out.

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