We made a difference on Earth Day with our charity partner Street Child

Altum Blog Landslide In Sierra Leone

Like the founders of Earth Day, we believe that our planet’s gain is everyone’s gain. Healthy nature makes life better. That’s why we’re raising funds for Street Child projects which empower people to live in harmony with nature.

It starts with education. We’re helping to train teachers and educate 300 children to set them on a path to change their world. They’ll learn academic skills and how to farm sustainably, grow crops using less water and create seed banks for the next generation.

School building

Our school building programme gives children access to fresh water, clean air, good food and sanitation, as well as the chance to imagine a different future.

Opportunity to make a fair living

Street Child also provides low-cost loans so the people of the Bombali district in Sierra Leone can set up their own businesses - like pop up cafes, coffee stalls, and shoe repair shops. When people have a fair chance to make a living, they can make better choices for themselves and their environment. For example, they no longer have to chop down trees to make charcoal to sell - which is bad for the burner’s health and catastrophic for the environment. Land without trees means top-soil washes away, people become poorer as crops fail and many die from the devastating landslides that follow deforestation.

Make a difference

We can all do one thing that makes a difference. Whether supporting a cause or by simple actions like buying a refillable water bottle. Let’s support #earthday2019 and #Connect2Earth to raise awareness of the important role of nature in our lives and the benefits nature provides, from good food, clean air, fresh water and so much more.

Daleen McDowell, Director of The Altum Foundation