Join us on the road to Sierra Leone

Boy And Nest

When David and I launched Altum Consulting in 2013, we didn’t just want to create a run of the mill recruitment consultancy. We had a vision to do something different, to create a business with soul. It was about more than just building our company - we wanted to widen the pathway for who belongs in today’s organisations and create opportunities for all. And we wanted our people to be part of that vision.

We started our journey by helping some incredible people to do amazing things. “The Altumate Challenge” supported adventure enthusiasts around the world with their fundraising efforts and we were part of some incredible adventures and community initiatives.

Tegan Phillips cycled 1800 km, ran 422 km, and swam 40 km across New Zealand in just twenty days. Gareth and Joe led the Pan Andean Challenge, taking the world record for the longest Wike trip (a Wike is a reclining bike with a sail) combined with climbing the highest peak in South America. And fourteen friends came together to run 260 km across Sierra Leone. Since its inception “The Altumate Challenge” has raised over £164,000 for a number of charities.

The Altumate Experience

But we wanted to do more as the business grew. Building on our love of adventure and success in fundraising we launched our first “Altumate Experience” for our own people in 2018. Last summer saw 15 of us cycle over 470k from our Amsterdam office to our London base, raising over £17,000.

Our mission - creating The Altum Foundation

Altum exists to give people the power to fulfil their promise so to really put our philosophy at the heart of the business we established our own foundation at the start of 2018 - The Altum Foundation. We now support three charities via The Altum Foundation: Street Child, Resurgo Trust and the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London. We love these charities, particularly as they all focus on supporting the next generation and widening opportunity for all.

Putting our money where our mouth is with Resurgo Trust

For Resurgo we support their Spear project. Spear focuses on helping young people from South London gain access to employment. We all help by conducting mock interviews, giving CV and career advice and invite the participants to visit us for an afternoon to see our offices and get used to a professional environment.  We also hired Aliya from the Spear programme, she’s now a successful administrator - this is an opportunity that she may not ordinarily have had access to.

The team take ownership

It’s important to us to encourage our team to not only take part but to take ownership of initiatives throughout the business. Robbie, the manager of our Charity recruitment team recently arranged a discussion about accessibility in the workplace for people with disabilities and brought together a few key speakers from charities who focus on this issue.  In everything we do, we try to stay true to our mission of widening opportunity for all.

We say that we’re a serious business but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s a great atmosphere here at Altum Consulting. Everyone wants success but we say ‘be human’ first. We avoid things like ringing bells when placements are made and treat people as people rather than as ‘billers’.  

David, Louise, myself and the team are really proud of the culture we’ve created so would love to hear from anyone wanting a more meaningful recruitment role.

The road to Sierra Leone

Or, you could join us on our next adventure to Sierra Leone in May. Twenty one staff members are signed up to support Streetchild’s marathon across some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. You’ll only need to pay a small contribution, so what’s stopping you? Come and see first hand the positive impact Altum has had on the lives of the local children, in one of the poorest places on earth, as we visit the two schools we’ve helped to build.

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