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2017 Challenge

In October 2017, 14 friends ran ten marathons in ten days across Sierra Leone. Mountainous rainforests combined with 90% humidity and 35-degree heat produced some of the toughest running conditions imaginable. Dirt tracks, uneven terrain, river crossings, dense rainforests and the scorching African sun pushed the team to their physical and mental limits as they waged a constant battle against dehydration, fatigue and injury. The Sierra 2016 team raised over £134,000 for Street Child and MIND.


The Altumate 


The Altumate Experience 2018

In June 2018, a team of 15 intrepid fundraisers from Altum Consulting cycled 470km in three and a half days. Taking on the scenic, but gruelling route from Amsterdam to London and raising over £17,000 on the way. Organised entirely by Altum foundation staff members.